Precast Concrete Light Pole Bases and Safety Barriers

Precast concrete safety barriers have a wide range of applications in the construction industry, and they provide a simple, cost-effective safety solution on the roads. We have years of experience manufacturing and installing high quality precast concrete road safety barriers for a range of different projects.

Using A Using Precast Lighting System To Line A Road

The Benefits Of Concrete Safety Barriers

Concrete safety barriers are the ideal solution for protecting premises, land, and construction sites by preventing unauthorized vehicles from accessing the site.

This is particularly important in areas where fly tipping is an issue. 

Key Features

 Precast concrete safety barriers are also the perfect solution in any situation where you need to direct traffic and protect pedestrians from traffic in civil situations. 

Precast concrete barriers are a better alternative to traditional concrete barriers because they are cheaper and the modular system makes them quick and easy to install. They are durable and provide protection for vulnerable areas.

Once installed, they are incredibly difficult to move without specialist equipment. However, they do come with lifting points so they are simple to install and can be moved if necessary.

All of our precast concrete road safety barriers and light pole bases are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, so you can always find the perfect product for your project. They can even be painted in your company colours so they act as a great marketing product while also improving security and safety in the area.

Why Choose Us?

If you are trying to manage the environmental impact of your project, precast concrete safety barriers are ideal. They produce fewer carbon emissions than traditional concrete, so your carbon footprint will be a lot lower.

Whether you are trying to secure a construction site or business premises, or you want to improve road safety, direct traffic, and protect pedestrians, our precast concrete safety barriers are the ideal solution. They are incredibly cost-effective and easy to install, and they are also environmentally friendly. 

When you work with Specialty Precast, you always get the guarantee of professionalism and expertise. We have been working in the industry, manufacturing and installing precast concrete safety barriers and other precast concrete products for over 40 years. We have worked on projects across the country and we are dedicated to finding you the best possible solutions for the best possible price.

Our expert team will be there to assist you every step of the way, from the initial designs up to the manufacturing and installation of the barriers and light pole bases. We will work with you to manage your budget so you can improve safety and security without overspending. 

If you are in need of precast concrete road safety barriers or precast concrete light pole bases, get in touch today to discuss your project. One of our experienced professionals will guide you through the process and find you the best possible product for your project. 

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