Concrete Seating In Brisbane And Throughout Australia

Speciality Precast has been operating for over 40 years and has gained the experience and expertise needed for a range of seating solutions in Brisbane and throughout Australia. No matter your project, trust us to meet your needs, as with the technologies and manufacturing methods at our disposal, you won't be disappointed with the innovative seating solutions that we can provide for you. 

From the initial planning stages of your project to your product's completion and installation, you can expect the highest degree of quality from our service, with the efficiency you require to make sure that everything is completed to deadline. 

Let us know your specific needs, and benefit from the highest level of professional customer service, and the craftsmanship that has far exceeded the expectations of our many happy clients over the years. 

Using Architectural Precast Concrete For A Public Space

Street And Park Seating

Don't settle for something generic and visually uninteresting for your park or residential development!

Think about the people who will be using your seating, and give them something that will be both comfortable to sit on and aesthetically pleasing. 

With our precast concrete seating solutions, we can provide something that will bring visual interest to your area, with a unique aesthetic that will be appreciated by all passers-by.

You can benefit from a myriad of options when you choose Specialty Precast for your seating, with unique colours, textures, designs, and finishes that will really make your park and street furniture stand out.

Precast Concrete Seating

No two stadiums are the same, so trust us to create something that will be unique to your particular stadium project.

Our industry-leading steel moulds can ensure a consistent finish and compliance with construction tolerance, so you can expect precast concrete seating that is functional, aesthetically pleasing, safe and durable.

Our expertise extends to a range of stadiums and auditoriums. Tiered and modern-banked seating solutions can be provided for a variety of sectors, including sports stadiums, music venues, swimming pools, schools, and more. 

Our team are well equipped to cater for any seating requirements needed by our clients and can provide guidance at the earliest design stage to ensure that everything is configured correctly for the required stadium seating arrangements.   

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