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Precast concrete is fairly easy to maintain, but you still do need to care for it if you want it to last.

In this article, we’ll discuss how to best maintain your precast concrete in order to avoid damage, and some basic tips for cleaning. We’ll also advise when you should clean your precast concrete, and where to go for assistance from the experts.

Maintaining Your Precast Concrete

One of the biggest benefits we’ve found our clients enjoy when using precast concrete is its low maintenance. But fuss-free maintenance shouldn’t be confused with maintenance-free.

Here we’ll discuss some of the main things you should do to maintain your product’s integrity, and help increase its lifespan.

Avoid Extreme Heat

While precast concrete is often more fire-resistant than poured concrete solutions, you should be careful when it comes to extreme heat. It’s not 100% foolproof and will crack or become damaged when exposed to extreme heat on a regular basis.

To maintain your precast concrete - particularly precast concrete panels used for building structures or walls, avoid using equipment with a naked flame or sparks (like welding gear).

Check Your Surroundings

Before installing your precast concrete panels or walls, be sure to check your surroundings. Ensuring you are not placing your precast concrete in harm’s way - like under a tree that is in danger of falling - is crucial if you want your precast concrete to last.

You should also avoid encounters with machinery such as excavators or even lawn mowers. Precast concrete is pretty durable, but it will deteriorate and develop damage if repeatedly exposed to this, just like poured concrete.

Reduce Risk of Graffiti

Precast concrete walls and panels can be attractive to vandals. While it’s not something anyone should encourage, there are ways you can help prevent (but not necessarily eliminate) potential graffiti artists being drawn to your building.

Some of our clients have found that adding bold lighting features to their precast concrete panels to be enough of a deterrent, whereas another solution might be hiring a painter or mural artist to design something for your panels.

Not only will this hopefully reduce the risk of graffiti, it will also give your precast panels or walls an extra creative flair.

Apply Sealant

Applying a good quality sealant to your precast panels upon installation is crucial if you want to maintain their integrity.

It is important, however, to apply this sealant on an annual basis, and maintain any chips to your panels by filling them in as soon as possible. This will help prevent damage or exposure to water, which in turn may damage your panels.

How Often Should Precast Concrete Be Cleaned?

Precast concrete should be cleaned at least once a year, probably around the same time as you re-apply your sealant.

How Do You Clean Precast Concrete?

Pressure washing or hand washing is often the best way to clean your precast concrete. The former is particularly useful if you have a large space to clean, such as a fence or building.

You can hand wash if it’s a smaller space or object, usually with detergent and water. If the staining is particularly bad, you can use a small amount of pH, alkaline or bacterial cleaner.

Where to Go for Help with Precast Concrete Maintenance

At Specialty Precast, we’re experts in developing and maintaining precast concrete solutions for you. With over 40 years in the industry, we’ve seen it all. There’s nothing we can’t solve when it comes to the cleaning and maintenance of precast concrete products.

If you need help with cleaning and maintaining precast concrete, or want a quality product you can trust, contact us today.

Architectural Precast Concrete

Here at Specialty Precast, we have been working with developers and architects for over 40 years. From unique concrete panels to elegantly designed street furniture and walkways, our team can come up with anything a designer can imagine. 

Our bespoke architectural precast products can be tailor-made for your personal specifications. Supplied in almost any size, shape, colour, or texture, our precast concrete products are perfect for any business or government firm that is looking for something innovative and uniquely modern.

So, no matter your needs, talk to us about our architectural precast range of products and benefit from something that will be structurally designed, beautifully finished, and aesthetically pleasing on the eye.

Decorative Use Of Architectural Precast Concrete For Steps

What Is Architectural Precast?

Architectural precast concrete is the name given to large pieces of concrete that are both structural and decorative in function.

As one of the top suppliers in Australia, we can provide those concrete products that can fit in with your personal design specifications.

You can expect something elegantly and uniquely designed when you choose architectural precast concrete.


It can be altered in form, colour, and textures, with a range of surface finishing techniques, including sandblasting, staining, and edging, which can complement the needs of your product design.

Whatever the application - from street furniture to city walkways - you can trust our experienced team at Speciality Precast to help you with your development needs.

We will incorporate the different aggregates and finishing techniques that are unique to your project and will use the very best in manufacturing methods to ensure the final product is something we will both be proud of. 

Key Features

When choosing architectural precast concrete for your project, you can expect a range of benefits.

Architectural precast concrete can be moulded into a variety of shapes and sizes. Textures and colours can be adapted too, so you can benefit from something that matches your product design perfectly.

Talk to us about the products we have already supplied to our clients, and let us know about the finishes, colours, and structural designs that you require.

Our concrete products are both safe and structurally sound. They are fire-resistant too, and resistant to impact, making them a perfect choice for any company looking for long-lasting architectural solutions. 

Architectural precast concrete can be produced with a wide variety of finishes, including those that are sandblasted, polished, and acid-etched. Inlaying materials can be used, including natural stone and ceramic tiles.

There is almost an unlimited amount of aggregates and pigments that can be used. No matter the purpose then, something can be created with outstanding aesthetic appeal. 

Specialty Precast

If you are looking for a beautifully designed, structurally sound product, our experienced team can give you what you need.

Whatever the application, you can trust us to produce something that is unique to your needs, with the very best in manufacturing methods to ensure the finished product matches and even exceeds your expectations.

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