How To Precast Concrete

How To Precast Concrete

As one of the leading specialists in the production of precast concrete, we’re often asked about the process of how to make precast concrete that stands the test of time.

Essentially, this page will provide insight into how to precast concrete that can be adapted to a variety of uses ( just as we do at Specialty Precast), information on how precast concrete is a superior product than poured concrete, answer the question what is precast concrete used for and where to buy precast concrete products and materials you can trust to stand the test of time.

Why Use Precast Concrete

When asking “why use precast concrete” a lot of our customers tend to list a number of benefits over the poured concrete alternative. And these are factors you should consider when deciding if precast concrete is the right choice for your project and your business to use. The main positives of using precast concrete over poured concrete are:

  • It’s often more affordable to manufacture than poured concrete
  • Precast concrete can be designed and manufactured for almost any use
  • Precast concrete can be produced to fit your build - so you don’t have unnecessary downtime on site and can expedite your construction
  • Quick turnaround
  • Manufacture process is in a controlled environment
  • Precast concrete manufactutring process is not affected by the weather
  • Versatility - precast concrete can be used for any number of applications
  • Environmental efficiency - with a lot of businesses these days, the improved thermal insulation of precast concrete over poured concrete can be a massive benefit, particularly if you’re looking to use precast concrete for internal walls or the structural integrity of a building.
  • Reduce other site costs, including labour costs for installation
  • Quick installation

What Is Precast Concrete Used For

The answers to why use precast concrete obviously leads into the question, what is precast concrete used for, and as previously inferred, the uses for precast concrete are almost endless. However, we’ve listed some of the most common uses for precast concrete, and how they can be used in your next construction project to make it a little clearer:

Architectural Precast Concrete

Architectural precast concrete may eliminate the need for external beams and walls without compromising the integrity of your building’s structure. Using architectural precast concrete from a specialty precast manufacturer and supplier allows you and your architect to have greater control over your build, from the way it looks, to how durable it is, to the financial side of the project.


When you think of signage, you might not often think of precast concrete, but in our opinion, precast concrete signage is fast becoming a popular answer to “what is precast concrete used for?”.

Precast concrete signage - especially those created by our team at Specialty Precast - is a fantastic, efficient and affordable marketing tool that will capture the attention and interest of a whole new market of potential clients and customers. And, because it’s so durable and strong, it’s less likely to be stolen or damaged, making it an even more attractive economic investment.

To view some of the precast concrete signage we have created for our clients, view our gallery.

Precast Concrete Panels

One of the best answers to why use precast concrete is because of its increased use in precast concrete panels for homes and other construction projects.

Precast concrete panels are a great alternative to your next building project, especially when it comes to sound-proofing and fireproofing a property. Precast concrete from places like Specialty Precast can improve on the soundproofing and fire retardance of your property, meaning that it’s not only a stylish and hardy addition to your home, but also one that is financially cost effective. You may even reduce your power bills in summer and winter with the improved thermal insulation and environmental efficiency of precast concrete panels when compared to poured concrete alternatives.

Concrete Seating

Have you been to the park and seen dilapidated wooden benches that are not only an eyesore but also dangerous? That’s why the construction of concrete benches is a great answer to why use precast concrete.

Precast concrete seating such as that created by Specialty Precast is just as durable, aesthetically pleasing and long lasting as all our other precast concrete products. And, precast concrete seating often requires less maintenance than other options like wood or steel benches, making it a cost effective alternative - particularly when used in the public domain.

Civil Precast Concrete

Precast concrete can be great for meeting all your civil precast concrete needs. Particularly in comparison to poured concrete. Because it’s a composite concrete material, it is designed to be a lot more durable than poured concrete, making it a great consideration for civil construction projects like bridges, platforms, barriers and other civil applications.

Using civil precast concrete is also a great option because of the ability for improved quality control and safety requirements when working on larger civil construction projects.

Boat Ramps

Boat ramps made of poured concrete can’t withstand Queensland’s volatile environment and ever-changing weather patterns the way precast concrete - especially that made by our professionals at Specialty Precast - can. Because precast concrete can be moulded and adapted to your boat ramp requirements, boat ramp planks are constructed according to your design needs and specifications and precast concrete boat ramps have been proven to last much longer than those made from poured concrete.

To find out more about our precast concrete boat ramp options, click here.

Light Pole Bases and Safety Barriers

Need light pole bases and safety barriers for planned road work or other construction activities? Precast concrete is the way to go because of its durability and structural integrity.

Where To Buy Precast Concrete

There’s no better answer than Specialty Precast when asking where to buy precast concrete you can rely on.

Specialty Precast is one of the leading manufacturers and providers of precast concrete solutions in Queensland. Our precast concrete products are second to none in terms of quality, endurance, affordability and durability.

Our team at Specialty Precast are experts in the field of manufacturing and developing precast concrete for almost any type of application, and can guide you on your way from start to finish.
Our designers are some of the most experienced and skilled professionals in the business, so when it comes to answering your questions regarding “what is precast concrete used for?”, there is no limit to their capabilities and imagination.

Regardless of whether you’re looking to install precast concrete for boat ramps, light poles or other architectural applications such as panels or walls, there’s no one better than Specialty Precast when deciding where to buy precast concrete you can rely on.

When considering why to use precast concrete or where to buy precast concrete to suit your needs, there’s only one answer: Specialty Precast. Contact our team today to find out how we can assist you with your next project.

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Architectural Precast Concrete

Here at Specialty Precast, we have been working with developers and architects for over 40 years. From unique concrete panels to elegantly designed street furniture and walkways, our team can come up with anything a designer can imagine. 

Our bespoke architectural precast products can be tailor-made for your personal specifications. Supplied in almost any size, shape, colour, or texture, our precast concrete products are perfect for any business or government firm that is looking for something innovative and uniquely modern.

So, no matter your needs, talk to us about our architectural precast range of products and benefit from something that will be structurally designed, beautifully finished, and aesthetically pleasing on the eye.

Decorative Use Of Architectural Precast Concrete For Steps

What Is Architectural Precast?

Architectural precast concrete is the name given to large pieces of concrete that are both structural and decorative in function.

As one of the top suppliers in Australia, we can provide those concrete products that can fit in with your personal design specifications.

You can expect something elegantly and uniquely designed when you choose architectural precast concrete.


It can be altered in form, colour, and textures, with a range of surface finishing techniques, including sandblasting, staining, and edging, which can complement the needs of your product design.

Whatever the application - from street furniture to city walkways - you can trust our experienced team at Speciality Precast to help you with your development needs.

We will incorporate the different aggregates and finishing techniques that are unique to your project and will use the very best in manufacturing methods to ensure the final product is something we will both be proud of. 

Key Features

When choosing architectural precast concrete for your project, you can expect a range of benefits.

Architectural precast concrete can be moulded into a variety of shapes and sizes. Textures and colours can be adapted too, so you can benefit from something that matches your product design perfectly.

Talk to us about the products we have already supplied to our clients, and let us know about the finishes, colours, and structural designs that you require.

Our concrete products are both safe and structurally sound. They are fire-resistant too, and resistant to impact, making them a perfect choice for any company looking for long-lasting architectural solutions. 

Architectural precast concrete can be produced with a wide variety of finishes, including those that are sandblasted, polished, and acid-etched. Inlaying materials can be used, including natural stone and ceramic tiles.

There is almost an unlimited amount of aggregates and pigments that can be used. No matter the purpose then, something can be created with outstanding aesthetic appeal. 

Specialty Precast

If you are looking for a beautifully designed, structurally sound product, our experienced team can give you what you need.

Whatever the application, you can trust us to produce something that is unique to your needs, with the very best in manufacturing methods to ensure the finished product matches and even exceeds your expectations.

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